CPS Bond Flyer

Chelsea Public Schools is excited about the future of our school system and our place within the community. On Tuesday, April 4th we will be having a bond election for $2.2 million dollars to build the Chelsea Multi Activity Center, new restrooms and concessions at the football and softball fields, and to perform renovations to the current agriculture barn and the track & field facilities. 

The Chelsea Multi Activity Center, or CMAC for short, will be located just south of Art Goad Elementary and will provide much needed space for activities such as physical education, fine arts activities such as concerts and drama productions, and also have the flexibility to host community activities as well. One of the biggest advantages to our campus is that the CMAC will provide storm shelter capacity for all Art Goad Elementary students. The construction of the CMAC is a vital first step to our long range plan of completing the construction of the Art Goad Elementary facility and bringing all grades of students to one centralized campus location. 

If you have attended an event recently at the football or softball field, then you know we are in serious need to improve our restroom and concession facilities. We have outgrown our current amenities and the new construction will take care of our community members that support our Green Dragons for years to come.

As we continue to look toward the future, we must also continue to maintain and improve our current facilities. Our current agriculture barn is in dire need of improvements. We will look to reskin the current barn, make utility improvements, and create a space that will serve our FFA and 4-H students into the future. In addition, we will be making improvements to the track and field facility by addressing drainage and other areas of concern to the infrastructure of the facility.

The Chelsea Community is an area on the rise. Support for community and school initiatives is vital to see our growth continue. Chelsea Public Schools is committed to setting the standard of excellence in everything we do. For more information concerning the upcoming bond election, please visit our school website, www.chelseadragons.net, or CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE BOND INFORMATION PAGE.