Chelsea’s Native American Student Association will be holding an Art show on Thursday, November 3, 2022, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the High School Commons Area. Students in grades Pre-K and Kindergarten, along with 1st through 12th grade have been working to get projects completed for this event. Students have been studying Native American culture getting ready to celebrate Native American Heritage month which begins November 1st. Art teachers Jean Ratley and Brandi Bunnell have been the driving force in getting students to participate in the upcoming event. 

Chelsea High School and Middle School are enjoying the addition of Art classes and a new teacher this year, Mrs. Brandi Bunnell.  When asked how she was getting her students ready she had this to say. “Preparing for the Art show has been a neat experience. One of the middle school classes was asked to pick any Native American bird of their choosing to sketch and color. They all did such a great job making their bird unique to them. My other middle school class has been divided up into groups where they have worked together to make six different totem poles. They have all done an amazing job working together to create their totem poles. With my high school students, they were given their Native American zodiac sign, and the freedom to create their art using whatever medium they chose. They have really enjoyed getting to know what these animals represent.”